Georgetwon, Penang, Malaysia

Lots to be said about why we flew to Penang from Langkawi instead to take a ferry. Also let’s not fail to mention that our flight was delayed and even thought we left much earlier than our friend/owner of Rainbow Lodge we arrived in Georgetown much later, so late in fact he gave our reserved rooms away and we had to look for a different accommodation. (Taxi from airport to Georgetown MR44) Which let me tell you wasn’t easy. And to find two rooms with windows in the same hostel. Impossible! Well for us without window (flip of a coin or three I can’t remember) in Kimberley House just around the corner.

We stayed in Georgetown for 2 nights and oh boy we had fun! First D met up with Estonian guy and took him with us to sightsee Little India. Oh what a place! I could have sworn I made video clips but can’t find them. It was all tacky, sparklin, rainbow of colours and Bollywood music! I found it!!! Yey there you go

Ok, maybe this clip gives just a tiny, tiny feel of what it felt like being there but I’m not an awarded director. Because I have so much to tell and the post would be dragging let me put it down in bullet points

  • Dinner in Little India – one of the best we had on this trip, service “had balls” when we didn’t want to try everything in the menu the waiter was quite disappointed and informed us about it, we went mostly for chicken, yum yum, so we had: rice, Naan bread – different types, chicken kurma, chicken butter masala and grilled chicken. Naan was served with insane green colour sauce. The staff went next door to buy beer for us and they charged us LESS than it cost in a shop! The size of the Tiger bottle was 640ml – shop price MR15, there MR13.50. As the Estonian was single we joked with the waiter that next time when he comes he will get a wife with the food free of charge hahahahaa oh you should have been there to laugh

  • The Estonian – left country when he was 20 years old to Australia, he worked in different farms for 2,5 years. Interiary Brisbane – Kuala Lumpur and then Georgetown. He said MR200 was stolen from him in KL. He didn’t really know where to go next but took advice on Bangkok. He wants to go back home to do military service as it seems enjoyable to him. It was so strange to meet someone who only set out to travel and had no idea what he wants to see
  • Back to Little India, it was a week before Diwali so the sale was on, I got myself earings and A. bought me a set of necklace and earings very nice, I’m still waiting for a proper chance to wear them. I. in the meantime got henna tatoo (for MR3 hand size)

  • We sat down on a street krebstone and drunk beer chatting about travel, karma, meditation, democracy and prices when a Malay came over and started to chat us up. He was running a hostel, prices very low: MR15 single room, MR10 dormitory, MR25 double room, I had his business card somewhere and promissed to put his details in my blog (all A. doing), now we never saw his place but if you are tight on budget check this out (picture above)

Snake Temple Georgetown Penang Malaysia

  • Snake Temple, (bus number 401E, 101 maybe 104 MR2.70 but it takes 30 min), it wasn’t what we have imagined but there is a lot of snakes on specially prepared stalls (see one on the left hand side in a corner on the picture above? Where is Wally?) and then in the back garden on the trees

  • Beautiful meal in a asian type market stalls already closing before reopening in the evening, we had deep fried ice-cream for starter, soups served in clay pots and plenty of orange juice which this time wasn’t over sweetened or in 3/4 consisting of ice

  • our first breakfast at the corner of Kimberley Street – see picture below

Now all different pictures from Georgetown maybe I should dedicate 2 posts to this city but well we need to get on to Borneo!

It made me laugh, polar bear on the desert dreaming of mattress well…

Riksha instead of tuk tuk

First floor display window… or maybe it’s only me

Century egg or pidan also known as preserved egg, hundred-year egg, thousand-year egg, thousand-year-old egg, and millennium egg, is a Chinese cuisine ingredient made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice hulls for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing.

Georgetown Penang Malaysia

Ok last one even tough I didn’t publish any showing Chinese temples (beautiful in red and gold with insane sculptures) or fireworks or so many other things that draw my attention.


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