I have been to Madrid three times now. First time on our way to Mexico we spent the night sightseeing. I remember it as beautiful but also very cold. It was January 2009. Last year was the second and third time on my way to and from Cuba.

Madrid royal palaceAbove you can see the picture of The Palacio Real de Madrid. It’s really impressive. I think I already mentioned the Argentinian restaurant we went to the night on our way to Mexico. Beautiful food. Very, very good. This time my culinary ramble ended in Museo de Jamon. Cheap food, tasty and very filling. Nice coffee as well or a glass of beer.

museo de jamon madridThis post will be about things and people I noticed wandering around Madrid on my own, when I was less concerned with sightseeing and more with experiencing the moment in a kind of way.  So please do enjoy watching Madrid through my eyes.


1. Clash of times, Temple of Debod and concrete sky scraper just off Plaza de Espania.

Temple of Debod 2. Townhouses/Buildings

3. Churches/Temples

4. Markets/Squares


And my favourite place triggering imagination

Libros Antiguos

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