Kuala Lumpur – one day in the captal of Malaysia

kuala lumpur panoramaWe departed from Dublin with Etihad Airlines. The plane looked very comfortable. First time we not only had individual screens but also USB and network plug ins, charged plug in and a console to play the games. The movies were recent releases and offered wide selection of World cinema. Etihad AirlinesI have to say the flight attendants were very nice and made us feel welcome. For the first time I wasn’t cold on the plane, rather very warm. At some point during the flight one of the passengers in the row opposite to ours started to call for help. He looked like he couldn’t breathe. One of the girls came over but she seemed to be really frightened and did not know what to do. After a couple of seconds more staff came over and one of them took over. She loosened his collar and made someone to bring him water and oxygen mask. He refused the oxygen mask. More and more staff came and it began to be warmer and warmer and really hard to breathe for me as well. Then the temperature in the cabin dropped. They moved the passenger to business class so we only saw him looking much better by the end of the trip. On another note I have to say food was really good during this flight.

KL SentralIn Abu Dhabi we got the first glimpse of warm temperatures awaiting us on this trip. The air was really humid. The city looks strange from the air. All sand and perpendicular streets with long distances between buildings. Some amazing constructions though.

The plane to Kuala Lumpur was quite empty and we had really nice flight attendants again. He offered us to take different seats if we wish to sleep.

We landed at 10.30pm local time. Exchange rate as always at the airports was pure steal. We took a train to KS Sentral. It was really easy to find it and buy tickets (MR35 one way). We wanted to take subway once we got to KL Sentral but it was not running after midnight so we had to take a taxi. In most of the places we visited during our trip there is a Teksi counter where you pay for the taxi (MR10 + MR5 after midnight fee). They give you a ticket and then you give it to driver. Our driver naturally didn’t know where our hostel (Explorer’s guesthouse) was. He dropped us out on a crossroads. Luckily it turned out to be 20m away from there. I have to say the room even though it was without a window was quite nice. The view from the roof top terrace was on the skyscrapers and nearby building site. We saw people sleeping on the streets and rats running around them. We saw a lot of those pests during our trip.KL Sentral

We could not sleep and to kill time checked the Internet. Someone rang the doorbell and it turned out the receptionist was sleeping on one of the couches in the common area. It’s a common practice in Malaysia as it turns out. The next day we started from having a breakfast just around the corner and visiting Batu Caves. Since this post is long already next one will be devoted to the caves and further sightseeing.


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