Langkawi cable car

Langkawi skybridge

As promised Langkawi Cable Car, Skybridge and panorama. (Taxi to get there from Pantai Cenang MR26). The price to get on both middle and higer deck is MR30 but if you would like to add trekking from the highest deck to the middle one total price is MR99 (see their know their marketing). Cable car as a way of transportation might be exciting but the most amazing part is the skybridge. It was closed for maintenance when we were there. Shame!

At the bottom of the mountain is a heritage village where you can buy various souveniers and even Ramen! You hop on to the cart without it even stopping and there you go up up and away!

The views are amazing! You can see the jungle and the waterfalls among them famous Telega Tujuh falls (separate tour). Off shore islands and lovely sandy beaches.  One of the attractions is lake of the pregnant maiden. Tasik Dayang Bunting is a fresh water lake set amid the limestone cliffs and dense forests. A legend resolves around the tragic tale of Princess Mahsuri who claimed she became pregnant by drinking water from the lake. She was then falsely accused of adultery and executed. The legendary crocodile which inhabits the lake is said to be mahsuri’s child.

We turned out to be really silly. We took the cart (4 of us) with other 2 strangers and when we got to the first deck we jumped out of it but because they didn’t we jumped right back into it before anyone from a que lining 2 meters away could take our places. And we went all the way up. The weather was lovely, sunny and bright. Altough becouse of the humidity shots of horizon and zooming was not great. Then we decided to go back down again… but then why not stop in the middle in the end we paid for it ;) and so we did. The only trouble is you need to get back up to get down. This time a huge cloud was moving towards the cable car and this time we got a chance to admire the sight covered with clouds. Exactly you couldn’t see anything!


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