Bath, Somerset – grils and Jane Austen

It was a day trip. It was girl’s trip. And we had so much fun.

My friend Natalia left London for the first time behind the driving wheel. Awwww! Very stressful but we did it! Or rather SHE did it!

Royal Crescent Bath UKWe are all helpless romantics raised in the spirit of Christian Andersen’s Cinderella.  The Jane Austin novels and movies based on those novels reached us when we were already of age so it’s hard to say they shaped our expectation of romance but we can appreciate a bit of drama sealed with “happy end”.

Bath is absolutely amazing. Having said that I started to remember so many other places I’ve been to and reflect on this sentiment for Bath. It is very pleasant place to go away for a day. Have picnic, visit roman baths called thermaes maybe visit spa. I wouldn’t stay there longer though.

Bath UK Pump RoomI remember as a child I had this books in red hard cover. They were describing different cultures/societies/centuries. I was really interested in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. One of my favourite pictures was the one of roman baths. Most probably no one remembers it but for some that might do I enclose the picture. Pierre MiquelThe author – Pierre Miquel is French and the original title is La vie privée des hommes: Au temps des Romains. I used to imagine living in roman house with inner courtyard (atrium) and bathing is pools of hot water with steam blurring the surroundings. I was amazed with the colour of the water in the baths we visited. You can be really tempted to just get into the water and splash as a nymph or goddess. Do enjoy the pictures before continuing to some more of the city itself.

I liked the architecture of the city centre a lot. Most of the buildings were built in the same fashion and you wouldn’t get those modern steel and glass “fillings” in between.

Royal Crescent Bath

I loved the The Royal Crescent, a street of 30 Georgian terraced houses where they filmed scene from Persuasion and The Duchess.

Number 1 Royal Crescent is a historic house museum and even though we didn’t go in I can imagine if you are into history of households it will be interesting. They always make me imagine what it would be like to live in those times and those homes. Walk the stairs, look through the windows and eat by the tables. But maybe it’s just me. I get it all the time even browsing house designs online.

Worth mention is the fact that you can fly over Bath in a hot air baloon drinking champain on board.


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