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Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride Tim Burton posterToday, just quickly, two movies. First Corpse Bride directed by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson.
Stars: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Emily Watson.

This film impresses not only with an intelligent script, but above all a fantastic, original and unique world created by the director. Human world is populated by residents with unnaturally thin legs and grotesquely large heads. Their opposites are dead – cheerful and colorful.corpse bride costume
The world of living in comparison with the world of the dead in general is quite pale. Washed off bright colors, dark and gloomy “up” and in the background the dancing, multi-colored and crazy after – life (“the bottom”) in which Burton’s fascination with Mexican folklore is evident.

It reminds me of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (story by Tim Burton, directed by Henry Selick)