Kristen Stewar

In the Land of Women (2007)

in the land of womenDirector: Jon Kasdan
Writer: Jon Kasdan
Stars: Adam Brody, Kristen Stewart and Meg Ryan

I haven’t been writing about films lately but it doesn’t mean I haven’t watched anything. I will catch up with the reviews in the next few days. This movie was recommended to me by my friend.

I can’t really say I liked it a lot. It was nice but at the same time only nice. Every bit of it is built on cliche’s that are too clear to be interesting and/or authentic.In-the-Land-of-Women

I have a really sick grandmother so I kind of expected the relationship between her and her Grandson to be deeper and more meaningful. Although I love the scene when she lies down in bed in new linen. I have this overall feeling that the emotions weren’t explored deeply. The themes raised in the movie include: recovering from ended realtionship, relationship between granchildren and grandparents in the face of death, relationship between mother and daughter, dealing with breast cancer, friendship/relation between a lot younger man and older woman, small town American high school problems, dealing with husband’s affair and probably a couple more.

I’m not really sure where the title comes from. I didn’t feel like this movie was all about women, they relationships, emotions or feelings. But it’s a pleasant movie to watch anyway.