Toast – the history of boys’ hunger

From the moment I saw its trailer for the first time I wanted to see this movie.

Director: S.J. Clarkson
Stars: Oscar Kennedy, Victoria Hamilton and Colin Prockter

toast-movie-posterI didn’t know it is adaptation of Nigel Slater’s bestselling memoir. Read Nigel’s post on the BBC TV blog. It seems that if you have a passion there is a time when a way comes so you can pursue it. I hope this is true for everyone. I hate canned food. If I can I do everything from scratch.

I didn’t really understand why he didn’t like Mrs Potter so much. Maybe in the book there is more to make reader more involved in this hatred, but film doesn’t do it for me.

The lemon meringue looks delicious lemon meringueand Mrs Potter neighborhood very British. I also liked the sense of humor in this movie. At the end I have to say I feel little unsatisfied and would like to see more of what happened next.


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