The Women on the 6th Floor – Les femmes du 6ème étage

Women on the 6th FloorAnother film I wanted to see after watching trailer probably in the cinema. Do you get that often? I mean you want to see a movie and then you don’t get a chance and forget about it for a while just to discover it by some accident? I started watching The Maids and I didn’t like it. I prefer this one. Maybe because it’s sweet rather than bitter. Still, you will not find in it pretense, banality or infantilism. Instead, you get a straight story about the inner transformation, friendship and love, naive, but extremely charming.

Can a person change? Yes. At 45? Whenever. Women on the 6th Floor

How many people go on living never being independent? Not having their own space where they feel safe and comfortable and can spend time with themselves? I miss having my own little castle.

And yes I used to work abroad. We had a joke that Ireland has the best educated manual labor in Europe. This is a type of life “in waiting”. Waiting to go back home and start your normal life. I’m glad some of those women succeeded. And I also do remember things that become a certain “work habit”. For example after working in hotel accommodation I know what to check to see how the room was cleaned.

For those who love French it’s a quick glimps into ignorant bourgeois mentality. Enjoy!

Director: Philippe Le Guay
Stars: Fabrice Luchini, Sandrine Kiberlain and Natalia Verbeke


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