With Love From the Age of Reason – L’âge de raison

L'âge de raisonTitle comes from a popular French saying that when you turn 7 years old, you reach “the age of reason”.

Director: Yann Samuell
Staring: Sophie Marceau, Marton Csokas, Jonathan Zaccaï, Juliette Chappey

I really enjoyed this movie. It’s one of these that are supposed to make you rethink your life and the way you live it. Like The Bucket List. The main question of the movie is: “Who did we dream of becoming when we were young, and how does that compare with who we are now? ” I tell you honestly I can’t remember who I really wanted to be. I know for a while an archaeologist, but it was only until I discovered that not every archaeologist is Indiana Jones.

I love details in this movie, the letters & post cards among others. I wish I could make amazing things like that. It’s hard to believe they were made by a 7 year old. Although it probably was a prop maker. I found out the production designer was Jean-Michel Simonet.

The relation between brother and sister is a mistery and I think it could have been more thorough.

It was also filmed in Morocco. Desert scenes as you can imagine.


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