18 December 2005

… God does not exist, it is only a representation or an escape … In a World where there is no God, man accepts the responsibility of God. In a world in which there is no God man is lonely and confused, frightened by what you do not understand, limited by his ignorance. So where is the fear of God, is there anything wrong with looking for comfort and safety. That hypocrisy. Hypocrisy. Weakness. Or fulfillment? Maybe peace, security, safety, but is really fulfillment? Faith, hope, love. There is nothing more than life, which is all or nothing. Die, lose a life, then nothing. If there is no life after death there is nothing worse than what we experience here. Death is a great calm.

Life is so valuable so far as we hope. Here and Now. It seems to me that most people live in what will be, what could be, what can happen. The fear that this could be true. The strength comes from faith and dreams. This what we would like to be, what we would have, gives strength. Maybe, I just wish there were people who draw strength from the days of today:

“Cherub Song”

In the morning we leave the house,

the enemies of miracles,

each one on his own path…

and only in the evening

lies before us fruit of our effort

like a violin – just finished.

Wife puts a flower on the window,

tree buzzes in the chimney,

on gold plated hands

drifts music.

The strenght derived from fire

masculines stubborn backs.

As commander to acquire the fortress

we march every day.

And sometimes gets us the blade,

hitting from right and left,

so there can be simple things:

meat, bread, tree.

Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński 1930


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