On feminity

November 27, 2005
Monica BelucciToday is my birthday …
I celebrated it yesterday and today at 8 am when the alarm clock rang I was still drunk. I’m sad. What do I write blog for asked me my friend Z. yesterday. Just to be able to write “I’m sad” and get the feeling that I’m not talking only to myself. A long time since I was sad. Depressed, angry, but not so simply helplessly sad. Why helplessly? Because I can not find a direct cause, and thus somehow control this feelings. I’m sad. What is femininity? I asked myself this question today, how to learn it and how to become unique? Is unique congenital or can it be learned? Is it then artificial and or can self-creation be natural … I typed the word femininity to google, ignored all treatment groups, male and femininity in bookstores. Here’s what I found: “Femininity is something more than our exterior, is a special kind of sensitivity, feeling, thinking, and communicating with śthe World. Our busy, patched, set aside for” later ” femininity is in every one of us and waiting for discovery, the attention, care and love.Monica Belucci It flourishes in the dance, so we’ll dance to discover our beauty, to please yourself, love yourself, discover and imbibe feminity. We will dance the various aspects of femininity, wake up our center, will play in the dance, we will become light and delicate, lyrical and romantic, but also seductive, proud, wild and free. We will try to transform from a small dancing girl into woman conscious of her charm. And most importantly, we will mark “ephemeral traces of our feet in the sand”.


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