Julie & Julia 2009

Ok so there is a big chance you have seen this movie. Meryl Streep – love her, Stanley Tucci so charming. I hated Julie, she was like this spoiled little girl, a dawdler getting mad all the time and blaming the whole World. And then I thought I had moments like that. I can understand boring job, I can understand not knowing what to do with your life, but I’d rather be like Julia than Julie.

I don’t think I could ever follow somebody’s footsteps so closly as she did Julia’s. I think this is why I had no respect for Julie and to what she was doing. It was to me like shoddy imitation of another rather than individual looking for rescue. I just couldn’t identify myself with her. I still can’t but I’m trying to be less judgmental. Maybe you will love her who knows, please comment.

After some time from the first screening I bought myself a book by Julia Child and I’m not disappointed even though I expected to be. I thought Meryl Streep made her character more interesting than the real thing. Also that she might be more conceited than what appeared in the movie.


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