Out of Africa

Director: Sydney Pollack
Starring: Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, Klaus Maria Brandauer

When I first saw this movie I didn’t really understand it. I loved the pictures, Africa, Karen’s determination; cried a lot and imagined one day I will be sitting with friends around the table telling stories.

When I saw it again I thought about owning people versus giving them freedom to be who they are and accepting that you can love somebody without possessing them. Giving up ownership is so much harder than one can imagine. Because it hurts. It hurts even if you understand there is no other way and accepting pain is hard.

How you can love someone whose whole world is not solely consisting of love to you as love is only part of his world. Is it only me or do you agree that women live for love and can make the whole world of it?

I spoke to my friends recently and the point we made is: women want to feel they can depend on men even if they can always manage themselves.


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