Nine 1/2 weeks – little over 2 months

I recently saw “Nine 1/2 weeks” for the first time. Movie released in 1986 directed by Adrian Lyne, starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger.

I’m not sure if it’s well known but the title sounds familiar so maybe it was. In 1986 I was four and not yet interested in movies other than cartoons I suppose. It was still socialism in Poland and we didn’t have much on TV. My Dad was away working in Germany for a while, he brought home video. It was the first video in our suburban neighbourhood and I remember kids coming over to watch it. I only remember having one original video with Hanna – Barbera cartoons, the rest of them were movies recorded from TV.

Anyway back to 9 1/2. The fashion is so ’80s, but Kim looks amazing. Very shallow isn’t it. I just can’t remember that I’ve seen a movie where a woman can be so sexy and not a slut at the same time. Maybe I just didn’t see enough movies. I have this feeling right now that most of women characters in roles as this one are very aggressive, manipulative and well cold.

From the beginning of the movie you can feel there is something wrong though. Character played by Rourke sows anxiety. He is caring but has this rough edge that makes you expect the worst. For a second I expected it to be a drama or thriller where he kills her or abuses her.

I would love men to be able to gradate the tension and desire as he does. Well at least up to a point. My favourite – cube of ice.

I have to say watching it I missed the moment when she has had enough. The decision to pack came as a surprise for me cos I didn’t see she reached “the bottom”. Enjoy…



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