Valentine’s Day for singles – how not to be Bridget

Here we go again. Another year and once again dreadful perspective for some – being alone on Valentine’s Day.

When whole of our known and close World is celebrating the feast of romantic love what are we singles supposed to do? Tulip valentine's day

Here are some thoughts and ideas on the subject.

  1. Refuse to acknowledge it’s existance – well good luck with that…
  2. Get on the dark “anty commercial” side and say “I refuse to celebrate a holiday which was invented to earn money”
  3. Be opportunistic and say “I won’t celebrate when they tell me to, romance should be present in a relationship everyday” hahahaa it always makes me want to ask a person “When did you acctually do something romantic?”
  4. Celebrate it! Now, this could be one point but I won’t stop there
  5. Ways to spend Valentine’s Day are numerous and well known so my first idea for singletons is to embrace decadent pleasures:
  • chocolate
  • alkohol
  • doing-nothing
  • crying on sentimental movies
  • long candel light bath with a romance book
  • porto in front of a fire place with Stacy Kent singing in the background
  • meeting up with your single friend and doing all of the above (pampering maybe instead of the bath)
  • spoiling yourself with a nice gift, something impractical but beautiful
  • going to latino music Valentine’s Day party for singles and becoming a queen of the dance floor
  • have a fling
  • if you love travel like I do buy a discount ticket and go to the sea in the afternoon and come back on the night train, see who you meet there
  • run around naked in the snow – this one is inspired by skandynavia ;)
  • stand on the walkway and pretend you take part in the “Hug the World” iniciative
  • go to an Irish pub, order a Guiness and talk to the barman or locals
  • batter plates (I never have done that before) – this one is for the angry ones
  • oh right my friend is going to watch soccer match
  • play strip poker with strangers (and I don’t mean on the computer)

The truth is what I really wanted to write is about how you can feel miserable about being single on this day or you can choose to make it fun. Yes maybe today you really are single (my boyfriends always broke up with me before Valentine’s Day or I was in a long distance relationship or they refused to celebrate it) but then you can make your own Valentine’s Day some other time, maybe when it’s warm and whole lot of other romantic possibilities open up.

The date itself is not that important, what is important is that a lot of people don’t understand you need to put meaning into celebration of holidays. Let it be Valentine’s Day or Christmas. You can consider buying a ready made Valentine Card, flowers and paying for dinner a part of big industry, with no meaning at all and consider it little effort. But it really can be beautiful and meaningful when your gaze over candels tells your loved one that she is the only one in the World.

Accessories are there to help not to substitute and as long as you know it and understand the importance of feelings and displaying them, you don’t feel pressured by the industry you choose to use it to help you show others that you care. Every occassion is good to do this, certain dates, traditions are there to help us remember about the things we loose sight of on everyday basis. Also make other people understand that this time is devoted for loved ones, not work, not cleaning, not 1000 other things, just love :)

Valentine’s Day is a symbolic date, time when women count on romance which is often missing from their relationship. I know from my experience of the disproportion of effort between men and women in putting effort in sustaining the “spark”. Being spoiled on this one date, is that really this much to ask?

To balance the last paragrapgh I would really like to say I know a guy who is different. And guess what. I do! I do and I treasure him for this :) (even though obviously there is no romance between us) I don’t think I ever met somebody who would care so much about the other person. You are a lucky girl E. I know you know that.

Excuse this personal note.

Anyway Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you can make it special :)


One comment

  1. I agree with you — laugh it all off.

    Anyone single on one Valentine’s Day won’t be on some other one. Just like the romance is over-magnified on this one day, so is the angst.

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